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P.O. Box 731 Columbia Falls, Montana 59912 (406) 387-9089
"Let the words of my mouth, and the meditation of my heart, be acceptable in thy sight, O LORD, my strength, and my redeemer."   Psalm 19:14

"Sean gratos los dichos de mi boca y la meditación de mi corazón delante de ti, Oh Jehová, roca mía, y redentormío."   Salmo 19.40

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Welcome to Roca Mia Graphics! These graphics are free for any non-commercial website. All we ask is that you link back to us here ( or, and don't put any of these graphics on a site containing offensive material.

This site is the repository for all the pages retired from our original site, which has grown to over 150 background sets, so we'll be moving the older ones here, as well as some themes that aren't carried on that site. If you don't find what you want here, please check the original site for our newer pages. My work is improving with practice.

Please be patient, waiting for these pages to load, because they have a lot of buttons. You probably won't need all of them, but we provide them to give you more choices.

Please keep in mind, when choosing your graphics, that the more you put on one page, the longer it will take to load, and the more traffic you will lose from your site. If you keep each page simple, your visitors will love you for it.

Exactpages gives us much more room than Angelfire, but unfortunately, we can't get rid of the banner ads on this site. In order to keep providing free graphics, we need to use free webhosts. We apologize for the look of the ads, and we don't endorse any of the businesses advertised here.

To save these graphics to your computer, right-click on the graphic, choose "Save picture as..." and name it. We are hoping to eventually have a graphics set for every book of the Bible. Please check back regularly, as we'll be adding more pages weekly. We hope that you will be blessed.

Catalina Emerson

"In the Beginning" Proverbs 22:1 Psalm 139 Psalm 143
Proverbs 22:6 The Liberal Soul The Virtuous Woman Jeremiah
Lamentations Malachi Acts Romans
I Corinthians Romans 14:17
(Tiled Background)
Be Careful for Nothing Bleeding Hearts
Grace and Peace
(Tiled Background)
Israel Shall Blossom
(Is. 27:6)
The Peace of GOD Elegance
My Life - My Hope Amethyst Simple Aqua Marble bg The LORD Thy GOD in the Midst of Thee

Our other graphics site

For business or personalized graphics, please email us at, or call us at (406) 387-9089. You can also write to us at P.O. Box 731 Columbia Falls, Montana 59912 U.S.A.

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My Redeemer is a Study Bible for Charismatics and Pentecostals, with Introductions and notes for every book of the Bible, a Lexicon, articles covering all the major aspects of the Christian life and walk, and Bible Dictionary articles. There are also excerpts from some of the best Christian books available today, and those that are no longer available.


All these sites have many breathtaking background sets:

His Image

His Image now has background sets that can be downloaded in a .zip file along with a recommended page format; highly recommended for those who are new to website design.

Griffin Web Art

Griffin Web Art has a large variety of backgrounds with many different styles, categorized for easy browsing. Although the site owner is going on vacation and won't be adding new graphics for a while, there are many to choose from. We use many of these backgrounds on My Redeemer.

Spirit Led Creations

Spirit Led Living Creations has original artwork that is beautiful and inspiring. We still go back there regularly for encouragement and relaxation. We especially enjoy the Messianic backgrounds which we use for our Old Testament pages on My Redeemer.

Thank-you for being the visitor to this site since February 16, 2003.

Grinnell Glacier Roca Mia Graphics is located 5 miles from the western border of Glacier National Park, in the midst of "GOD's Country". We are surrounded by the beauty of GOD's Creation and are blessed with a wide variety of wildlife, including the feared Grizzly Bear and Mountain Lion, who often wander through our property.

Everywhere we look, we are reminded of GOD's awesome power and majesty and must remind ourselves that this is only a glimmer of greater beauty to come. If this damaged and groaning creation is so awesome to us now, how much more will be the new heaven and earth that our LORD promises are to come?

We thank GOD for His grace and mercy and abundant provision. We are also thankful for the inspiration of our surroundings. We plan to bring you more photographics of this area in the future. We hope that you will be blessed and come back often.

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